eClinicalWorks Case Study

Architecture modularisation and large scale code redesign and refactoring

eClinicalWorks provides medical practices with secure cloud-based solutions for all their IT needs. Their core product (the ‘EMR’) manages their patients’ full clinical documentation history and interoperates with other healthcare systems so that patients’ medical data are transferred seamlessly as they move between practices, undergo lab tests, etc.

eClinicalWorks initially reached out to Codurance to upskill and train their development teams. This led to a software modernisation project to improve their products’ architecture and technical processes so that eClinicalWorks can keep innovating and evolving their systems for the next ten years’ worth of growth.

Codurance is providing strategic consultancy and a highly skilled team that is working in close collaboration with eClinicalWorks directors, technical architects and developers. The work done by Codurance is now being spread to other eClinicalWorks teams.