AWS Well-Architected Review

Understand where your most critical vulnerabilities lie within your AWS architecture and how to fix them to stay optimised, secure and compliant.

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What is the business impact of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review?

Kim Page, Founder and CEO at isosconnect, Abhay Sinha, Partner Business Development Lead at AWS and Rodrigo Nascimento, Head of Platform Engineering at Codurance discuss the business value of the AWS Well-Architected Review as conducted by Codurance’s AWS Certified Platform Engineers.


Optimise your AWS Cloud Infrastructure


Technology needs, risks, costs and complexities grow at the same pace as your business. It can be hard to keep up with the myriad feature updates from AWS and ensure that your systems remain compliant and adhere to best practices at all times.

Codurance’s certified AWS Well-Architected Framework Review is designed to provide you with high-level guidance and best practices to help you build and maintain secure, cost optimised and operationally excellent applications in the AWS Cloud. As an approved AWS Well-Architected Partner, we tackle your highest priorities and remediate the most critical issues first.

The six core pillars

Codurance’s certified AWS Well-Architected Framework Review is designed to provide you with high-level guidance and best practices to help you build and maintain secure, reliable, performant, cost optimised, and operationally excellent applications in the AWS Cloud. 


This consistent review process will enable us to uncover the level to which your workloads are 'Well-Architected' across six core pillars.

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Benefits of a Well-Architected Review

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Identify risks and opportunities to improve and optimise your workloads to reduce cost, drive efficiencies and maintain security

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Increase your pace of innovation, build and deploy faster and make informed decisions whilst accessing funding to offset improvement costs

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Coach and enable your workforce on AWS best-practices to lower or mitigate risks in the future and stay optimised and compliant

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How it works

Identify the workload and pillar(s)

Codurance’s AWS Cloud Architects will work with you to identify which workload and which of the six pillar(s) will be reviewed within your AWS architecture. 


Conduct the Well-Architected Review

Our AWS certified Solutions Architects Professional will conduct the review through a series of questionnaires and workshops to fully evaluate the workload against your chosen pillar(s).


Identify Issues and Report Back

Once the Well-Architected Review has been completed, our expert will provide a report detailing the identified Medium and High Risk Issues (HRIs) within the workload and provide suggestions on prioritisation. 


Agree on Remediation Plan

We’ll then work with you to recommend a plan for remediating the issues identified in the Well-Architectured Review. 


Gain $5000 in AWS Credits 

Once Codurance has removed a minimum number of HRIs, you’ll be eligible to receive $5000 in AWS Credits from the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program team.

Codurance’s AWS Well-Architected Review helped us identify issues within our whole AWS architecture and where the effort should be concentrated to deliver the most impact. As our strategic technology partner, they not only analysed the problems but most importantly, they gave us the right solutions.

Sergio Vico Marfil

Chief Technology Officer, VeryChic

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Well-Architected Review

Codurance’s certified AWS Well-Architected Review is deigned to provide you with guidance and best practises to help you build and maintain secure, cost optimised and operationally excellent applications in the cloud. Use the infographic to find your pain point and the possible remediations and benefits.

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How we’ve helped our clients

Take a look at how we've accelerated success on the AWS cloud for some of our clients

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Cazoo chose Codurance to support their ambitions to build a world-class online car retailing and financing platform entirely on AWS Serverless including AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon API Gateway. The business has seen a 600% increase in revenues with a valuation of $8bn, making it the fastest ever UK unicorn.

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