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Increasing deployment and operational efficiency



As a pioneer in the healthcare industry, Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1986 in Switzerland. Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally.

As the world's largest biotech company, Roche operates in a highly regulated environment. Creating frequent, and safe changes while remaining fully compliant is a must. As well as providing auditability and compliance throughout the whole CI/CD pipeline.

Roche is committed to leveraging the cloud wherever possible, making the most of modern trends, and increasing deployment and operation processes efficiency.
We work with Codurance because of their strong reputation in Software Craftsmanship, an approach that is perfectly suited to our context, and because their training courses are proven and highly valued by our developers. Their ability to understand and adapt to our needs is a significant element of our ongoing collaboration.

Sergio Champel

Engineering Director – DSDIC SW Ecosystems at Roche


Creating a modern solution


In order to create a modern continuous delivery solution, Codurance presented a solution in order to Automate Environment Provisioning, Continuous Integration, Release, and Deployment solution with elastic scaling and fault tolerance as well as making the process of transferring from a cloud provider to a fully on-premise environment easy and straightforward. This would increase the efficiency of the overall deployment and operation processes. 


This would provide auditability and compliance throughout the CI/CD pipeline. This would enable faster and smoother manual approvals before production releases.

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Software Modernisation

Software Modernisation

Over a 2 month engagement, Codurance has created a reference implementation for a Continuous Delivery pipeline that would serve as a template for all the client’s new projects as well as for their portfolio of legacy applications.

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

Codurance ensured that the solution was built on top of state-of-the-art technology and leveraged the cloud wherever possible. While keeping a strong emphasis on modern trends, we satisfied the core requirements of the project and made the solution portable to on-premises environments at any given time and with relative ease.


Software fit for the future


Codurance engaged with Roche to take a pivotal role in the successful modernization of their Continuous Delivery solution by providing the specialist knowledge required to deliver and implement their vision. We created an initial framework of the solution while considering the project they would like to migrate first. 

90-minute show & tell sessions weekly

Leveraged the cloud wherever possible

Transitioned a greenfield project

The proposed concept contained the tool stack, which would enable Roche to migrate the solution to their on-premise environment at any given time. Codurance also provided ongoing support for maintaining that solution across development, testing and production pipelines. We implemented and delivered a complete Continuous Delivery solution for the application provided to us during our engagement.