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    WebBeds – Hexagon


    Redesigning systems to increase performance and reliability


    WebBeds is a global online marketplace for B2B (or "bedback") travel commerce and is considered the second largest and fastest growing in the world, with a worldwide network of 265,000 hotels in more than 14,000 destinations. 


    With more than 6 billion daily web searches, it is critical to maintain performance in line with demand and ensure accurate inventory availability. As such, WebBeds needed to gain flexibility to cope with peaks and troughs in demand, a critical feature during COVID-19 and for future growth.


     In addition, the platform's inventory presented reliability and observability issues. Therefore, it relied on Codurance to create a roadmap that would allow them to redesign its systems and be able to scale.


    Innovate to scale


    After an initial discovery that allowed us to gain a holistic view of the business, the domain and the key challenges they faced, we generated together with the WebBeds team a roadmap for the implementation of system enhancements that would correct the inefficiencies we had identified.


    This led to rebuilding the WebBeds platform using cloud-native technologies to increase performance and unify the core systems on a single platform. We also helped the team adopt an agile mindset and engineering best practices to transform their culture and break down silos.


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    Software modernisation and migration to the cloud

    Software Modernisation

    Taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing we redesigned and rebuilt together with the WebBeds team a new, more flexible, secure and user-friendly platform.

    Training IT teams


    Due to working remotely, from different time zones and cultures, there were several communication issues in the team. We helped shape a culture based on values shared by all members and introduced Agile and XD best practices that not only helped on the technical side, but also contributed to building trust in the team.

    Platform Engineering

    Platform Engineering

    Codurance supported WebBeds by re-engineering quality practices using CI/CD that allow the company to adapt to change with relative ease.

    Strategic Advice IT

    Strategic Advice

    Codurance conducted an initial discovery to gain a global view of the challenges faced by WebBeds and, based on the results of that research, provide recommendations and solutions on how to address the issues and implement improvements.


    Optimisation of systems and processes


    The new and improved WebBeds platform now handles peak demand without reducing performance. Similarly, the load on the database has been reduced by 50%. This has led to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, as inventory data is now more accurate.


    WebBeds now has world-class engineering practices and skills, which has led to increased motivation and collaboration within its development teams, resulting in a culture of excellence in experimentation and innovation.


    50% reduction in database load

    The platform now adapts to peaks in demand

    Better communication and motivation in development teams