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    Enhancing User Experience and Driving Business Growth


    Health Assured, the UK and Ireland's largest independent employee assistance programme (EAP) provider, faced a challenge with outdated technology supporting their services despite rapid business expansion. Their website and mobile app were built separately, leading to maintenance issues, content disparities, and reduced usability.

    Recognising the need for inclusivity and adherence to accessibility standards, Health Assured sought a modernised platform within months to retain and attract customers while improving internal team efficiency. Collaborating with Codurance, a trusted technology partner, they aimed to address these challenges and enhance user experience while meeting evolving business demands.

    We selected Codurance as our preferred partner to rebuild the Health Assured platform. The team built a world-class solution that fully met our objectives, within our required timeframe. We were always kept informed of progress throughout the project and the team built strong trust with our stakeholders. We could not be happier with the outcome and I would have no hesitation in collaborating with Codurance again in the future.

    Bertrand Stern-Gillet

    Chief Executive Officer at Health Assured


    Website and App Replatforming with UI Enhancement and Backend Refinement


    Codurance commenced their collaboration with Health Assured by conducting a thorough product discovery phase. This involved defining user groups, product purpose, and establishing a clear product vision with success metrics. By analysing user feedback and conducting stakeholder interviews, they identified key user groups and areas for improvement. Success measures, linked to the overarching mission and vision, were defined using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Prioritisation of features focused on enhancing user experience, ensuring that only impactful items were added to the backlog.

    In addition, Codurance prioritised accessibility, adhering to the WCAG 2.1 AA framework to accommodate users with disabilities. Following the discovery phase, an implementation plan was devised, emphasising incremental delivery to gather early feedback. This involved replatforming the website and mobile apps, creating a new UI for improved navigation, and enhancing back-office processes and reporting. Codurance provided comprehensive documentation and support as Health Assured transitioned the new assets in-house, empowering their product owner to maintain and iterate upon the improvements. With a quarterly review process in place and a focus on user needs, Health Assured is equipped to continuously add value to their offerings.

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    Software Modernisation

    Software Modernisation

    Codurance revamped Health Assured's platform, aligning website and app technologies, enhancing reliability and usability. The modernised infrastructure enables seamless updates, ensuring parity across platforms and reducing maintenance costs while improving overall performance.

    Product Development

    Product Development

    Codurance collaborated with Health Assured to develop a user-centric platform, aligning features with client needs. By streamlining navigation and enhancing reporting capabilities, they optimised service delivery. Inclusive design ensures accessibility, catering to diverse user requirements and enhancing overall satisfaction and effectiveness.

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    Feature Delivery

    Health Assured's new platform facilitates rapid feature deployment, empowering their in-house team to respond swiftly to client needs. With synchronised updates across website and apps, they enhance user experience, retain clients, and drive new business opportunities with agility and efficiency.


    Seamless Service and Accessibility


    The platform rebuild for Health Assured was completed successfully, offering users seamless online experiences matching their offline services. Changes can now be deployed across the website and mobile apps simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. 


    This agility improves client retention and attraction, as new features can be added easily. In-house teams benefit from real-time reports, enabling swift response to client needs and driving new business. Accessibility is prioritised, ensuring inclusive support for all users, regardless of disability. The revamped platform centralises user support, optimising service delivery and enhancing user satisfaction.