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    Streamlining Auto Rental Solutions with Strategic Tech Direction


    RENTALL is a global SaaS provider of auto rental solutions to businesses globally. The company is owned by Valsoft that acquires, owns, operates under Aspire Software and manages a portfolio of technology companies in various industries. RENTALL was formed from the merger of three rental businesses acquired by Aspire, with the aspiration to create a market-leading auto rental business with global reach.


    When the three separate auto rental businesses were merged and rebranded as RENTALL, the management team were keen to ensure a seamless and smooth experience for its customers. The senior management team required an honest, quantitative and impartial view of the current state of the integrated RENTALL system in order to decide on the strategic technology direction of the platform and how to best support ongoing improvements and features.

    Working with Codurance on the SQA was easy - the whole process was collaborative and very seamless. As a non-technical C-Suite Leader, the report and recommendations provided just the right level of detail to make key strategic decisions about the future roadmap of our software product. We’ll be looking to use the SQA during future acquisitions to ensure we understand the quality of inherited software products well in advance.

    Naomi Virgo

    Managing Director at RENTALL


    Software Quality Assessment


    RENTALL approached Codurance to deliver the Software Quality Assessment (SQA), a holistic, unbiased and data-driven assessment, combining best-in-industry tooling along with in-depth, thorough and robust analysis by the Codurance team for their most recently acquired company within this portfolio. Data and insights were gathered across 6 core modules to assess the code quality, knowledge distribution, test automation, code extensibility, development process quality and code security. The findings were then provided to RENTALL in an easy-to-digest report that highlighted the good areas and the areas to address as a priority with detailed recommendations supported by empirical data.

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    Data-Driven Remediation Plan


    With the SQA report containing Codurance’s analysis and recommendations, RENTALL’s C-suite were able to quickly identify where the key issues were in their business from people, skills and process to technology, security and testing, and understand what areas should be addressed first to deliver the optimal business outcomes.

    Reduced technical debt

    Improved architecture

    Reduced database usage by 2/3

    The business was able to make strategic decisions with complete confidence as these were based on unbiased data and recommendations, allowing them to create a remediation plan for the platform’s improvements where needed. The RENTALL platform now continues to be evolved inline with customer expectations and is helping them to reach their strategic goals for the platform faster, backed by empirical data.