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The Portfolio Collective


Migrating to the cloud to leverage automation and improve scalability

The Portfolio Collective (TPC) provides a platform bringing together a global community of Portfolio Professionals to learn, share and collaborate in order to land new work and accelerate their careers. The first two years of TPC’s business was about proving the business model, growing the community and gaining investment (there are now more than 200+ community investors). As the business continued to grow, TPC looked at how it could improve its platform for the next stage in its journey.

Built initially on Google Cloud Platform, TPC made a strategic decision to migrate their platform to AWS which they hoped would allow them to leverage automation, improve scalability, maintenance and observability. Codurance was recommended by AWS as holding the ideal level of recognised expertise and skills to guide TPC on their journey to the AWS cloud.

Codurance has proven to be a transparent and adaptable partner. From the very beginning of our engagement I have felt that they understand what we wanted, in a very direct way, helping communication and, ultimately, reaching an agreed goal. With other providers, I was given quotes without being convinced that they fully understood the scope. After one call with Codurance that concern was gone.

Jesus Iniesta

CTO at The Portfolio Collective


Adopting a managed container service


TPC engaged Codurance to support its migration to AWS. Before starting the migration, our platform engineers conducted a discovery session to understand the existing technical landscape, the business domain and define the target architecture. We used the “C4 Model” to visualise the architecture and understand how to best replicate the components from GCP into AWS. 


Once we had the target architecture agreed, we migrated the entire TPC workload to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) – a managed container service that enables microservices applications to run in the cloud. Our team of AWS Certified platform engineers utilised automation from the start, delivering Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with a security-first mindset. 

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Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

The migrated platform was built to AWS Well-Architected best practices that included creating a migration plan, producing clear and reusable documentation and providing visibility of progress to the whole team.

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Strategic Advice

In addition to delivering a successful migration, Codurance also provided expert strategic advice to ensure the solution was optimal for TPC’s business now and in the future.

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We supported TPCs in-house team of engineers through sharing and transferring our methodology and agile best practices such as daily standups, pairing, mob programming, DevOps, CI/CD and remote working. This ensured that we not only migrated the TPC platform into AWS on time but we also instilled modern practices and new technology skills as part of the engagement.


Fully automated AWS platform enabling easy autoscaling


Codurance completed the entire migration from Google Cloud Platform to AWS within The Portfolio Collective’s required 4 week timeframe. The migration was delivered with almost zero downtime, allowing the business to continue operating for its customers with no disruption.

Entire migration in the 4 week timeframe

Increased security and easier access to a high volume of user data

Faster feature releases and a solid foundation for the platform to evolve and improve

Portfolio Collective can now manage its high volume of user data more securely and gain access to it more easily, allowing better insights and opening up opportunities to further support its customers. The containerised architecture allows for faster feature releases and provides a solid foundation for the platform to evolve and improve at the same speed as the business.