MyPulse Case Study

Evolving monolithic architecture into microservices, streamlining the path to production and setting up recruitment process evaluation criteria.

MyPulse is a technology services company that uses the most current technology choices and processes to ensure they can respond to the rapidly changing digital healthcare landscape.

MyPulse’s biggest challenge was to strike a balance between customisation of their products and building a platform that could service growth effectively.They wanted to evolve their technology stack and development practices to take advantage of the latest technologies and increase reliability.

Codurance initially embedded our craftspeople into their existing teams to aid in the short term goals of delivery. While doing that, we set up the development processes, infrastructure and best practices required for fast and reliable delivery..

Later, as the context evolved, we provided full delivery teams working in parallel in different domains, accelerating the delivery and tackling the technical challenges of building a stable and reliable platform. Our craftspeople provided both technical knowledge and leadership to support and grow the product development and business.