Health Sector

MyPulse: Increasing reliability with new technologies in a regulated landscape

Evolving monolithic architecture into microservices, streamlining the path to production and setting up recruitment process evaluation criteria.

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Building a new platform using cloud-native approaches 


MyPulse provides a scalable health technology platform that allows health service providers to easily and quickly digitise their health services. 


As a technology company, its goal is to use the most modern technology choices and processes to ensure they can respond to the rapidly changing digital healthcare landscape. As they expanded their global reach strategy, MyPulse’s biggest challenge was the balance between customisation of their products and building a platform that could service growth effectively—incorporating the challenges of constraints in a heavily regulated environment. 


They wanted to build the right product quickly but with quality in mind and evolve their technology stack and development practices to take
advantage of the latest technologies and increase reliability.

Codurance is a great partner. The team don't just approach the job as consultants, and have worked with us across the whole project line (product, technology, infrastructure and even helping us with the recruitment of new team members). They have conducted several sessions to come up with solutions that solve the core of the problem and have worked with us to scale our development practices.

Micarla Sullivan

Head of Product at MyPulse