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Enhancing a system to ensure future scalability and optimal performance


Scentmate by dsm-firmenich is introduced by dsm-firmenich, one of the world’s leading companies in the fragrance and taste industry that operates with customers in over 100+ markets worldwide and touches over 4 billion consumers each day. Since its founding in 1895, the company has specialised in creating fragrances, flavors and ingredients for a wide variety of products and businesses. 


In this context, Scentmate by dsm-firmenich was born, the first curation platform that uses the power of AI to automate the fragrance recommendation process and simplify scent co-creation to offer the best fragrance solutions to entrepreneurs and independent brands (SMBs). Codurance has worked alongside the Scentmate by dsm-firmenich team to create a collaborative partnership to both enhance the Scentmate by dsm-firmenich platform and integrate skills and best practices for the future success of the system and development teams.

One of Scentmate by dsm-firmenich’s goals is to become the benchmark for innovation and digital culture in the fragrance industry. But in reality it is more than an objective, it is a culture, a way of doing things and understanding the business. Codurance is being key to help us achieve it. That is why for us Codurance is more than a companion, they are fellow travellers.

Alfonso Álvarez Prieto

General Manager & Founder of Scentmate by dsm-firmenich

Find out the most important insights from the project from the CEO and founder of Scentmate by dsm-firmenich

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich is the first AI-based fragrance selection platform. We spoke to Alfonso Álvarez Prieto, CEO of Scentmate by dsm-firmenich, about the key aspects and best practices that have helped us achieve their business goals.