Cazoo case study

End-to-end AWS Serverless online business application with flexible architecture and environment for hyper-scalability and growth.

Cazoo’s mission is to transform the way people buy used cars in the UK by using technology to drive every aspect of the user journey. Having built other successful online businesses with technology at their heart, senior leaders within Cazoo recognised the importance of building software with quality baked in from the start to ensure future scalability and instilling a strong engineering culture, so they came to Codurance for help.

Codurance joined the Cazoo team early and helped deliver scalable and resilient system solutions from the ground-up across the entire value stream, from logistics and delivery to the customer-facing website and integration with 3rd-party finance, warranty and insurance providers. We also provided Cazoo with modern platform engineering expertise and helped them instill a strong engineering culture with a DevOps mindset.