Mango Case Study

Strategic advice, cultural change, and monolith to microservices migration: A complete approach to software modernisation

Mango is a Spanish clothing design, manufacturing, and retail company. They have over 1200 retail stores in over 100 countries and also have an online e-commerce presence in over 80 countries. Our engagement involved working with their product and development teams who manage their e-commerce website.

Mango was undergoing an agile transformation and initially approached Codurance because they wanted to introduce XP Development processes and better, more decentralised, governance. When a bug in their payments system caused a major issue they approached Codurance to provide strategic advice on how to restructure their payments system.

We helped Mango modularise their payments features which were entangled into their unstructured monolithic codebase, taking an evolutionary microservices based approach. After this successful implementation, we worked with Mango to apply the same methodology to other areas of their online business. We aligned the development teams with the functional areas of the business helping Mango bring new features to market quickly.