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M&G: Building highly scalable and secure cloud platforms

Codurance provided M&G expert advice on building secure cloud platforms to replace legacy data warehouses, and upskilled developer teams to manage this migration.

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Developing scalable, integrated systems to enhance business intelligence


M&G is a global investment manager headquartered in London. It invests in and manages a wide range of assets, including Equities, Fixed Income and Real Estate. It is one of the UK’s largest and longest established investment houses with almost 90 years of experience. 


M&G decided to migrate its outdated in-house trading platform to BlackRock Aladdin as part of a broader transformation programme. This outsourced solution would offer their traders an end-to-end system to see their whole portfolio, understand risk exposure, and act with precision. However, whilst the new platform provided considerable benefits to the traders, it lacked critical features to M&G’s business, including in-depth management reporting, enhanced notifications and regulatory compliance.


The M&G team wanted to develop a scalable, distributed, and highly-available integrated system responsible for propagating trades and investments in a standardised format and allowing flexible querying of data to enhance business intelligence.