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Envoy: Product delivery roadmap with an Agile and DevOps approach

The team at Envoy asked Codurance to support them deliver their product. To help reach their growth goals, start attracting new customers and investment.

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Creating a cross-functional team to deliver and implement Envoy’s vision


Envoy is a content marketing start-up that had created a successful basic proof of concept, and now wanted to evolve their concept and build their first commercial release. 


Its first commercial release had to be built and launched within a short time frame, and as a start-up it was important that the project stay within budget and be able to scale later on. Codurance helped Envoy to conduct an architecture review of their current proof of concept

and investigate the current context, technology and challenges in order to create a roadmap of clearly defined features.

The impact of working with Codurance was a 7-10x improvement in our customers conversion KPI’s, compared to their traditional Facebook paid social media campaigns. The team at Codurance are very nice people to work with and you don’t have to worry all the time about the delivery. They’re in control, listen and respect each other and report on progress and issues regularly throughout the development sprints. I look forward to working with their craftsmen on new products again soon.

Henrik Karlbeg

CEO at Envoy