Retail Sector

Cazoo:  End-to-end AWS Serverless online business application with flexible architecture and environment for hyper-scalability and growth

Codurance joined the Cazoo team early and helped deliver scalable and resilient system solutions from the ground-up across the entire value stream. Providing Cazoo with modern platform engineering expertise.

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Creating an innovative system with the power to grow with demand


Cazoo is an online car retailer transforming the car buying experience across the UK and Europe. With the mission of making buying your next car no different to ordering any other product online today. 


Cazoo is not a simple e-commerce site but a complex business with many value streams. The team wanted to build an offering that they could take to the market quickly and ensure future scalability as demand grew. As demand grew, the teams at Cazoo would also grow; therefore, training and culture would remain a significant focus for the project.

Codurance was a natural choice, being closely aligned with the culture we are trying to establish as well as being able to meet the significant demand for engineers in order to deliver. I have no hesitation with recommending Codurance for any organization looking to improve their culture of engineering excellence or in the delivery of high quality engineered solutions.
Ian Kershaw

Ian Kershaw

Software Engineering Director at Cazoo